Aquarium Installation and Maintenance Services

Installation:  Ensure your tank is set up right. We'll make sure everything is working properly from the beginning to give you peace of mind. We can install any tank we sell anywhere within 60 mile radius of Pittsburgh. Stop in for complete pricing on our installation services.

Freshwater Maintenance:  Make your aquarium keeping experience hassle free by letting our professional service team maintain your tank for you.  We provide freshwater maintenance services for aquariums we install and you are within 45 minute drive of our store.  Freshwater maintenance is provided once every 4 weeks or once every 2 weeks.  Maintenance includes:

  • Partial water change
  • Water testing for pH and ammonia
  • Change of filter pads
  • Algae scraping
  • Checking that all equipment is in working order

Saltwater Maintenance:  We can provide saltwater maintenance for aquariums we sell.  Maintenance is limited to within 30 minutes drive from our store.  We do maintenance visits every 2 weeks, or weekly

  • Partial water change with purified saltwater from the store
  • Replacing filter pads
  • Algae scraping
  • Testing important water parameters
  • Checking that all equipment is in proper working order

Delivery:  Big tank? Little car? No problem. We can deliver any aquarium in our company van to anywhere within a 60 mile radius of Pittsburgh. We do not ship tanks, stands or lights.

Moving:  Whether your aquarium needs to go across the room or across Pittsburgh, let the professionals ensure that your aquarium will be safe and your fish well cared for. If you are relocating your home or office, we can move your tank to anywhere within 60 miles of our store.

Consultation:  Are you thinking of a large aquarium for your home or office and want to get the logistics right before setting it up? Elmer's can visit your site and provide consultation on the best location for your tank, taking into considerations such as plumbing and electrical.

  • We are fully insured for all the services we offer
  • Our service team consists of aquarium specialists, and we send two members for each visit
  • Please contact the store for pricing