Each week Elmer's offers a colorful collection of saltwater fish, as well as many invertebrates and corals, as part of our weekly specials. We receive new livestock shipments every Thursday, and generally update our specials list on Friday afternoons.
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Item   Description Quantity Price
1188 sale Cinnamon Clownfish Cinnamon Clownfish in stock 15.29
2309 sale Clarkii Clownfish Clarkii Clownfish in stock 17.99
9533 sale 3 Dot Ocellaris Clownfish 3 Dot Ocellaris Clownfish in stock 60.29
5232 sale Assorted Coral  1 Assorted Coral 1 in stock 79.98
3111 sale Pink Skunk Clownfish Pink Skunk Clownfish in stock 15.29
5233 sale Assorted Coral  Frag       2 Assorted Coral Frag 2 in stock 26.98
6 found, showing page 1 of 1