18th Annual Pond Seminar

Saturday, June 30th 

10:30am - Noon

Elmer's is pleased to once again offer our annual Pond Seminar! This is a free, educational seminar taught by Susan Silverman. Topics include:

  1. Spring opening of your pond
  2. Summer maintanence
  3. Biological filtration
  4. Aquascaping
  5. Fall and winter pond preparation 

This seminar is good for beginners and intermediate pond keepers of all ages. You may reserve your seat, or RSVP in person or by phone (412) 372-6535

About Susan Silverman: This is Susan's 18th year hosting our free pond seminar! She is a Penn State Master Gardener. In addition to water gardening, she frequently visits a local hospital, school, library, and nursing home with her two registered therapy dogs.

Garden Ponds

Add beauty and tranquility to your backyard with a garden pond. You can stock the pool with flowering lilies, colorful goldfish and a variety of aquatic plants.  We have sold fish, plants, and supplies for outdoor ponds since 1969.  During the spring and early summer we receive weekly shipments of the best goldfish, koi and plants from some of the nation's best sources.  Come visit us and let our experienced staff help you enjoy this great hobby.

Helpful tips:

View our garden pond video!