Current Satellite Plus Freshwater LED


Current Satellite Plus LED Light

Length:      Wattage:
18 - 24"         13w
24 - 36"         18w
36 - 48"         25w
48 - 60"         30w

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Satellite LED fixture
  • 2 Adjustable docking mounts
  • 1 12V DC UL transformer
  • 1 Wireless LED remote control

More info:

Custom color from your couch. Now you can shift the color of your aquatic environment without shifting your body with the industry’s first freshwater-optimized, RGB+White, wireless remote controlled LED fixture. Super bright 6500K White LEDs are paired with full-spectrum RGB LEDs to offer every color under the sun (and a few that aren’t) all controlled from a single 32-key customizable remote.Game-changing effects. Ready to enter the world of countless possibilities? The Satellite LED+ features effects that you’ll have to see to believe, plus each color is individually adjustable for endless custom color blends. Features include: 6, freshwater-optimized, color pre-sets 12, dynamic effects including: cloud cover, fading lunar, storm, lightning, dusk and more 4, memory buttons for saving custom color blends Pause/play each mode on-demand. Pick a color, any color with so much hype into the industry, we decided it was time for a game-changer – reinvent the freshwater aquarium. Drawing on our years of expertise in both fresh and marine aquarium product development we have created another industry first – a full-spectrum, wireless remote controlled, customizable fixture that was engineered from the ground up for freshwater aquarium environments. Making it the perfect choice for a beginner setting up their first tank, or a seasoned veteran looking for a significant upgrade.

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 904005 LIGHT 18-24" SATELLITE FRESH + in stock 74.99
pickup-thumb 904006 LIGHT 24-36" SATELLITE FRESH + in stock 88.99
pickup-thumb 904007 LIGHT 36-48" SATELLITE FRESH + in stock 108.99
pickup-thumb 904008 LIGHT 48-60" SATELLITE FRESH + in stock 128.99
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