Zebra Danio
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Zebra Danio

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Zebra Danio  (Brachydanio rerio)

A very active and hardy fish that makes a great beginners fish.   They are easily recognized by the horizontal stripes.

*  Adult Size:  2"

* How Many:  Best in groups of 5 or more.  They like to chase each other around.

*  Housing:  You can keep them in tanks of 10 gallon or more.  Provide bushy plants for hiding and an open swimming area.  They are adaptable to most water conditions, and are very tolerant of cooler water.
(Temperature 65-75,  pH 6.5-7.5)

* Tankmates:  Keep them with other active fish of similar size.  Some good choices are other danios, rasboras, swordtails, mollies, moons, bloodfin tetras, black tetras, sharks, gouramis, barbs, cory catfish, plecostomus catfish, and most other catfish.   They do not harm smaller fish, but they can intimidate shy fish we do not recommend you put them with neons, or small guppies unless the tank is very large.

*  Feeding:  They will accept a wide variety of foods.  Feed flakes, shrimp, small pellets, bloodworms.  They are an omnivore.

* Native Range:  India.

*  Breeding:  An easy egglayer to breed.  Adult females are larger and have a fuller belly.

Other varieties:  Longfin zebra ,  gold zebra, leopard danio,  and the fluorescent glowfish zebra danio.

Availability at Elmer's - These fish are usually in stock.  We also stock many of the color varieties including the three colors of the Zebra Glowfish.

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