Tinfoil Barb
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Tinfoil Barb

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Tinfoil Barb        ( Barbonymus schwanenfeldii )

Also called the Schwanefeldii's barb.

Grows to: 14"

Hobbyist Level:  A hardy and active fish suitable for beginners with a large tank.

How Many?  They are a schooling fish that should be be purchased in groups of 4 or more.  Six or more is best.
Housing: Provide plenty of swimming room as well as some bushy plants for hiding.  They look best with a dark substrate.  They swim in the all areas of the tank.  They enjoy a strong water current.  Minimum tank size is about 30 gallons for juveniles and 90 for large specimens. (Temperature- 72-77), (pH 6.5-7.5)
Tank mates: They are active fish that should be kept with other active fish of similar size.  They can often adapt to tanks with larger, aggressive fish.

Feeding:  They will accept a variety of foods.  Feed flakes, along with brine shrimp and frozen foods.  They are an omnivore and will greedily accept meaty foods but should be given vegetable based foods for optimal health.

Natural Habitat:  Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia and Thailand.   Fish sold at Elmer's are domestically raised.

Males and Females:  Males and females look identical and cannot be distinguished visually.
Color varieties: Albino Tinfoil Barb, Gold Tinfoil Barb
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