Silver Hujeta Characin (Gar)
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Silver Hujeta Characin (Gar)

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Hujeta Gar    (Ctenolucius hujeta )

Other names:  Freshwater Barracuda, Gar Characin, Rocket Gar

These fish are surface dwelling predators.  They are not actually related to the true Gars, but they are called gars because of their body shape.

Grows to: 9"

Housing: A tank of at least 48 long is recommended.   They are agile swimmers and the length and depth of the tank are more important than the height.  They need clean, well filtered water, with good water movement. Provide plenty of open swimming room, and a tight fitting cover, as they are jumpers.  Temperature:72-80, pH 7.0-7.6

Tank Mates: They can be kept as singles.  They are carnivores that will swallow anything they can fit in their mouth, so do not mix them with small fish.  If they can not swallow a fish they will leave it alone.  They can be kept with peaceful tankmates of similar size.   Tankmates that stay near the bottom are good choices, such as ropefish,  african knifefish, and loaches.
Non-threatening fish such as silver dollars , tin foil barbs, tri color sharks, red tail sharks, severum cichlids, and large gouramis are usually suitable tank mates.  0Do not mix them with aggressive fish, that will harass them.

Feeding:  They are carnivores.  Their sharp teeth are used to hold their prey.  Feed live food such as feeder guppies.  Also try ghost shrimp, live brine shrimp, crickets.  Sometimes they can be trained to accept frozen plankton  frozen krill, or pellets.

Natural Range:  South America

Availability:  These fish are occasionally available
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