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Reverse Osmosis Water - Freshwater - 4.2 gal

This water has been pre-filtered using a reverse-osmosis unit, eliminating any harmful chemicals or minerals found in municipal water. Reverse-osmosis water is a superior choice to tap water for replacing water lost to evaporation and performing routine water changes in all aquariums because it is free of chlorine, phosphates, nitrates, and other potentially harmful chemicals. For use in Freshwater Aquariums - Reverse-osmosis water can be used as is to replace water lost to evaporation without the risk of slowly increasing the GH value that is associated with using tap water to fill the tank between water changes. Reverse-osmosis can also be used for routine water changes in freshwater aquariums. For use in Marine Aquariums - Reverse-osmosis water is the ideal choice for replenishing water lost to evaporation in marine aquariums as it is free of algae fueling phosphates and nitrates and other harmful chemicals. No additional supplements or salt mix is needed for this use.  R. O. water also provides a superior base for mixing synthetic marine salt during routine water changes and can be used without a chlorine-removing tap water conditioner. When used properly, Seapora Pre-Filtered Reverse Osmosis water helps save time and provides a healthy aquarium environment.
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