Red Honey Gouramis
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Red Honey Gouramis

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Giant Gourami      ( Colisa fasciata )

Grows to: 4.5"

Hobbyist Level:  A hardy fish suitable for beginners.

How Many?  They are best kept as a single male with one or more females.  To keep multiple males, a large enough tank should be provided so each male can establish its own territory.

Housing: Provide plenty of swimming room as well as some bushy plants for hiding.  They prefer thick vegetation and dark substrate.  They swim in the mid to top region of the tank.  They possess a labyrinth organ which permits them to breath air directly.  They enjoy a slow water current.  Minimum tank size is about 20 gallons. (Temperature- 72-82),  (pH 6.0-7.5)

Tank mates: They are sturdy fish that can mix with a variety of other community fish including tetras, barbs, sharks, corydoras, loaches and angels.
Feeding:  They will accept a variety of foods.  Feed flakes along with blood worms, brine shrimp and frozen foods.  They will show their best color after you have owned them a few months and fed them a good diet.  They are an omnivore.
Natural Habitat:  India, Bengal, Assam, Burma.   Fish sold at Elmer's are domestically raised.

Males and Females:  Males are more colorful and will have a longer, more pointed dorsal fin as commonly seen in gouramis.  Females have a shorter, more rounded dorsal fin and are less colorful.
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