Pearl Danio
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Pearl Danio

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(Beginners?- yes)(Grows to-2.5")(Temp- 72-82)   A very active and hardy danio that does best in groups.   They mix well in a variety of community tanks, with active fish of similar size.   Feed flakes and other standard foods. (Brachydanio albolineatus)

Housing: Provide should have some bushy plants in the back with some open swimming room.  They will not harm live plants.  Tank size should be at least 15 gal.   They look best with dark substrates.    They come from rivers with a fairly strong current, so they are tolerant of some current
the tank.

Diet:  Feed flakes, small pellets, frozen brine shrimp, freeze-dried foods

Tank Mates:  Here are a few suggestions for fish that will mix with them: Zebra Danios, White Clouds, Swordtails, Small Red Tail Shark, Corydoras Catfish, Serpae Tetra,  Bloodfin Tetra, Black Tetra, Moon, Diamond Tetra, Bleeding Heart Tetra.

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