Male Betta
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Male Betta

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Male Betta  (Betta splendens)

Bettas are beautiful and very popular aquarium fish. They are available in red, blue and assorted colors. They are also called Siamese Fighting Fish. Never mix two males together because they will fight.  They will flare their gills and fins when confronted with another male.  They are slow moving and like to hover near the water surface.   Bettas normal life span is 2 years. Bettas sold at Elmer's are normally 2 months old.   Bettas have a special air-breathing organ (labyrinth) that allows them to live in water with low oxygen content. For this reason they are sometimes kept in small bowls.

Bettas in small aquariums:
The best way to keep a betta is a small filtered, heated aquarium.  We like the Eclipse System 3 or System 6 the best.  They have a light and a quality filter.  You can add a small heater for best results.
  1. Keep the temperature at 78-82 degrees with a small heater.
  2. Change 1/4 of the water every 2 weeks.  Add water conditioner to the new water.
  3. Bettas are slow moving and like to hover near the surface, and a few floating plants would be appreciated.
  4. Tank mates can include a small corydoras catfish and a snail.

If you keep a betta in a small fishbowl  here are some tips:
   1. Maintain at least a 2 gallon bowl. Avoid 1 gallon bowls
   2. Bettas like warmth. Place the bowl in a room in which the temperature does not drop below 72 degrees.
   3. Change 1/2 of the water weekly. Let the new water sit for about 2 hours prior to the water change so that it will come to room temperature. Add chlorine neutralizer to the new tap water.
4. The most common mistake made by bowl owners is overcrowding. A small fish bowl will only hold one fish.   Other fish will make the bowl too crowded, and the water quality will deteriorate.
5. Feed once a day with a special betta food. Remove uneaten food with a net.

Feeding Bettas:   There are many good foods for Bettas.  They consist of small pellets or flakes.  HBH Betta Bites is our best seller.  Feed a couple ofsmall pellets daily.  As with any fish food remove any uneaten food after 10 minutes.

Longevity- Maintain good water quality and feed, and they typically live 2 to 3 years.
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