Lions Cove Cichlid (Yellow Lab)
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Lions Cove Cichlid (Yellow Lab)

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Lions Cove Cichlid    ( Labidochromis caeruleus  )

Grows to 4-5"

Natural Habitat:  Lake Malawi Africa.

Males have Black Anal and Ventral Fins and a Black Dorsal Fin with a bright yellow top stripe, as they age they also develop more Black pigment leading to a jet black underside and Charcoal Stripes on its body, from the front they look as though they are wearing a Mask .

Females are a paler/pastel version of the Males - They tend not to have any black Anal/Ventral fins these instead being a pale yellow, they also  tend to be much smaller than the Males.

Also called the Electric Yellow and Lemon Drop Cichlid.  A pretty yellow body with black trim on the dorsal fin.  Hardy and active.

For Care Tips please see #3894 "Lake Malawi Cichlids Care Tips"
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