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"Hikari Brand, A unique combination of proteins and extra doses of natural sponges marine angels require, Using the Molecular Gastronomy technique, these formed sticks are easy to consume and perfect for smaller marine angels. This super clean mixture offers excellent acceptance with minimum mess or smell.  A Unique Food Offering      Contains lots of natural sponge and marine proteins encasing fresh water which helps marine fish complete the osmotic process using less energy     Contains larger quantities of selected ingredients to offer a mixture ideally suited for marine angels Offered in a formed, sea-worm-like stick allowing smaller marine fish ready access and easy digestion too     A combination of vitamins and specially selected ingredients you cannot readily duplicate at home     Easy to use ""no touch(TM)"" cubes make measured feeding a snap while the easy to break whole shrimp offer ease of use  Proprietary Processes Help Us Offer Unsurpassed Quality      3 Step Sterilized for safety     Free of harmful parasites and bacteria or foul odor     Multi-step cleansing process offers the world's cleanest frozen foods available today     Enriched with Bio-Encapsulated Multi-Vitamins to offer better than live food nutrition
Our proprietary Mega-Power Freezer helps us lock in all the nutrition your fish need while maintaining the natural color, taste and texture     Hi-tech and highly automated packing machines allow us to maintain the integrity of the formed stick and avoid pieces and parts common with competitive
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