Giant Danio
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Giant Danio

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Giant Danio  (danio malabartcus)

A very hardy and active fish that adapts to a wide variety of community tanks.  It is one of the largest danios.  They have a torpedo shaped body.

*  Hobbyist Level: A very hardy fish suitable for beginners.

*  Adult Size: 6"

* How Many:  Best to buy in groups of 3 or more.  They are a schooling fish when kept in groups.
*  Housing:  They are very active and should have plenty of swimming room in the front of the tank.  They inhabit the middle water layers.  (Temp 72-81, pH- 6.2-8.0)

* Tankmates:  Keep them with other active fish of similar size.  Possible tankmates include other danios, gouramis, sharks, catfish, silver dollars, kribensis cichlids, severum cichlids.   They can often live comfortably in tanks with larger and more aggressive fish such as cichlids.  Just be sure the tank is large enough and they are purchased in groups.   Danios come from fast moving streams so they like to have water movement in the tank.

*  Feeding:  They will accept a wide variety of food including flakes and pellets.  An omnivore.

* Native Range:  Asia     All of the Giant Danios we sell are domestically raised.

*  Breeding:  Like other danios they are an egg scatterer.  They are not difficult to breed.
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