Ghost Shrimp
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Ghost Shrimp

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General: Ghost shrimp make nice additions to tanks with small community fish. They act as scavengers. Keep with small peaceful fish such as guppies and neons.  Do not mix them with large fish.

Tank Conditions:  They adapt to most water conditions, and will even live in fish bowls. For best results keep them in well established tanks, where they have plenty of food to graze on. They are sensitive to medications containing copper sulfate. They do well in well planted tanks with some algae growth. Temp 60-85 degrees.

Feeding:  They are omnivores.  They will eat algae, and left over food.
Feed flakes, a small pellets.

Breeding/Sexing:  They will occasionally lay eggs. The eggs can be seen in pregnant females. If you want to breed them keep a group of 6 or more by themselves in a well planted tank.
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