Fluorescent Zebra GloFish

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Fluorescent Zebra GloFish

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Fluorescent Zebra Danio GloFish

Picture at left shows the three colors of GloFish.

Scientists originally developed the fluorescent glofish several years ago by adding a natural fluorescence gene to the fish eggs before they hatched. Today's Glo-Fish fluorescent fish are bred from the offspring of these original fish.  The fluorescent protein genes occur naturally, and are derived from marine organisms.  The GloFish is marketed in three colors Starfire Red, Electric Green, and Sunburst Orange.

More information about these remarkable fish can be found at www.glofish.com.

Aside from their brilliant color, fluorescent zebrafish have the same great qualities that other zebrafish have. This includes everything from general care and temperature preferences to growth rate and life expectancy. Therefore the following care information is the same as the Zebra Danio.

*  Hobbyist Level:  A very hardy fish and is a great choice for for beginners.

*  Adult Size:  2"
* How Many:  Best in groups of 5 or more.  They like to chase each other around.

*  Housing:  You can keep them in tanks of 10 gallon or more.  Provide bushy plants for hiding and an open swimming area.  They are adaptable to most water conditions, and are very tolerant of cooler water.
(Temperature 65-75,  pH 6.5-7.5)

* Tankmates:  Keep them with other active fish of similar size.  Some good choices are other danios, rasboras, swordtails, mollies, moons, bloodfin tetras, black tetras, sharks, gouramis, barbs, cory catfish, plecostomus catfish, and most other catfish.   They do not harm smaller fish, but they can intimidate shy fish we do not recommend you put them with neons unless the tank is large enought ( 50 gal or more).

*  Feeding:  They will accept a wide variety of foods.  Feed flakes, shrimp, small pellets, bloodworms.  They are an omnivore.

* Native Range:  The natural zebra danio is from India.  GloFish are aquarium bred varieties.  Elmer's receives our Glo-fish from licensed Fish Farms in Florida.

GloFish is a registered trademark of Yorktown Technologies.
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