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These beautiful fish are sometimes  called the king of aquarium fish.  They need warm clean water and special attention to proper feeding.  Be sure to do some research before you buy Discus.

Tank Size- Tank should be 40 gal or larger.

Tankmates: Most people choose to keep discus in a tank to themselves. Discus will not do well in a community tank, so there are not many fish that can qualify as tankmates.

If you do wish to keep some other fish with discus some of these fish may qualify: corydoras cats, small clown loaches and schools of small tetras such as Rummynose, Cardinals, or Neons.

Feeding: a variety of foods.   Frozen foods can include bloodworms, mysis shrimp and Hikari Discus Food.  Also feed pellets such as TetraBits and some some flakes.

Water Conditions pH- 5.0 to 6.0 is best, but under good conditions they can tolerate a pH up to 7.5.  The addition of aquarium salt is not necessary. Some hobbyist mix some RO water with tap water for their Discus. Maintain good filtration with external power filters or canister filters. Siphon debris from bottom regularly.  Temp- 84-88
Provide great food and water conditions and Discus will reward you with hours of enjoyment.

Availability at Elmers:  We receive periodic shipments direct from domestic breeders.   Stop in and view our current selection.
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