Blue Ram Cichlid
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Blue Ram Cichlid

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Why Keep Them?  Rams are a very pretty and peaceful dwarf cichlids that will show great coloration after you have them a while. They do not thrive in many traditional community tanks, but they do well if given a separate tank with the proper conditions.

Tank Conditions:  Tank can be 10 gallon or larger.  They should have some driftwood and rocks for hiding. An open space in the front of the tank is advised.  Provide a dark background and dark colored or natural gravel. We advise live plants for these fish to thrive. Some Indian Almond leaves at the bottom give a natural look and help with water conditions.

Water Conditions:  Temperature should be warm, 76-82 degrees. pH  6.5-7.4.

Feeding:  Feed two to three times a day.  Feed flakes and small pellets. Supplements may include Mysis Shrimp, plankton, frozen bloodworms.

Tank Mates
Rams:  Rams are often found in several color varieties and fin shapes.  You can mix any of them together. The Bolivian ram is a little larger.   Rams only grow to about 2.5".  Rams inhabit the bottom layers of the tank.  They usually will not bother smaller mid-dwelling fish,

Apistogramma Cichlids:   Apistogramma is a genus of dwarf South American cichlids.  These often do best when kept as pairs.  They are cared for in similar ways to the ram.  We usually stock a few varieties.
Peaceful Cichlid:  Small Keyhole Cichlid

Catfish:  Corydoras, Pygmy Cory Cat, Glass Catfish, Otocinclus.

Dwarf Gouramis:  Dwarf Gouramis, Sunset Gouramis.  They also like the warm water and are peaceful.  Provide some floating vegetation.  Avoid larger gouramis such as Blue, Gold, Pearl, Kissing, Moonlight.

Plants:  Moss Balls, Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Water Wisteria, many others. Snails:  Nerite snails.

Tetras:  Rams are not aggressive and they are often compatible with most tetras if the tank is at least 20 gallons.  Some  Tetra choices include Glowlight, Red Eye, Silver Tip, Flame, Diamond, Congo, Emperor.

Loaches:  Kuhli Loach,  Crimson Loach.

Avoid: Active aggressive fish.  Avoid mixing them in most other community tanks as they do not thrive in most standard community tanks.
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