Bloodfin Tetra
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Bloodfin Tetra

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Bloodfin Tetra    ( Aphyocharax anisitsi )

Grows to: 2"

Hobbyist Level:  A hardy fish suitable for beginners.

How Many?  They are a schooling fish that should be be purchased in groups of 4 or more.  Six or more is best.

Housing: Provide plenty of swimming room as well as some bushy plants for hiding.  They look good with a dark substrate.  They swim in the mid to upper region of the tank.  They enjoy a healthy water current.  Minimum tank size is about 10 gallons. (Temperature- 64-82),  (pH 6.0-7.5)

Tank mates: They very active and will do best with active tank mates including barbs, swords and active tetras.  They may nip fins of small or slow moving fish.

Feeding:  Because these fish are so active, they will do best having many small feedings throughout the day.  They will accept a variety of foods. Feed flakes, along with brine shrimp and frozen foods.  Tetras will show their best color after you have owned it for a few months and have given them a good diet.  They are an omnivore.
Natural Habitat:  Brazil, Paraguay, & Argentina.   Fish sold at Elmer's are domestically raised.

Males and Females:  Males have a hook on their anal fin and are more colorful than females.  Females will appear more round bodied when they are plump with eggs.
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