Albino Rainbow Shark
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Albino Rainbow Shark

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This is an albino form of the Rainbow shark. ( Labeo erythrurus)

The Albino Rainbow  Shark is a popular bottom dwelling fish.  It has the body
shape of the Red Tail Shark with somewhat different fin coloration.  It is also called the Ruby Shark.

Grows to: 5"

Hobbyist Level:  A hardy fish suitable for beginners

Housing: The Albino Rainbow Shark is a  bottom dweller.  They should be provided rocks and caves in order to stake out a territory.   You can use live or plastic plants, but adults can be destructive toward delicate plants.   They are tolerant of standard aquarium conditions
as long as the water is well filtered and partial water changes are conducted regularly.   (Temperature: 72-80)  (pH is 7.0-7.6)  The Albino Rainbow shark is known to jump so the aquarium should have a tight fitting cover.  Small sharks can be kept in a 20 gallon tank.  Adult sharks should have at least a 55 gallon.

Tankmates: Young specimens are peaceful community fish.  As they grow they will stake out a territory and may fight other members of their own kind. It is best to keep only one Red Tail Shark, or one Albino Rainbow Shark per tank
unless the tank is large. Groups of two are not recommended, but groups of 3 or more often work for a while when they are small.  A partial list of tankmates may include gouramis, barbs, danios, rainbowfish, swordtails, clown loach, silver dollars,  kribensis cichlids, corydoras cats, plecostomus cats.    Adult sharks can be kept as single specimens with larger fish as long as they have plenty of hiding spots.

Feeding:  They will accept a variety of foods. They like to graze on algae, and need some greens.  Feed flakes, small pellets, freeze-dried, frozen foods, and algae wafers.  In the store we feed TetraPro flakes, Tetra Color Bits, and bloodworms.

Natural Habitat: Asia
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