African Underwater Clawed Frog
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African Underwater Clawed Frog

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African Clawed Frog    ( Xenopus laevis )

Grows to: 5"

Hobbyist Level:  A hardy amphibian that spends its time underwater. They will come to the surface to gulp air periodically.  They are suitable for beginners.

How Many?  Can be kept in singles or in groups.

Housing: (Temperature- 75-85),  (pH 6.8-7.5)  Keep the tank tightly covered, as they can jump.

Tank mates: Large barbs, tetras, sharks, gouramis.  Do not put them with anything small enough to fit in their substantial mouth.

Feeding:  They will accept a variety of foods.  Feed shrimp pellets, freeze-dried tubifex, sinking pellets, blood worms, krill.   A very popular food is HBH African Frog Pellets.

Natural Habitat:  Along the Western Rift Valley of Africa in ponds, lakes, and streams.  In their natural environment during droughts, they will migrate between water sources or burrow in the mud where they may remain dormant for ten months.
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