Pond Plants

Water Plants for Your Garden Pond

Why Use Plants?

  • A healthy pond contains a proper balance of fish and plants.Water Hyacinth

  • Plants reduce algae by shading the pond and competing with algae for nutrients.

  • Plants provide a food source for many fish.

  • Plants balance the pond by utilizing nitrates, phosphates, and other dissolved organic wastes.

  • Plants provide a breeding area for some fish.

We have been selling aquatic plants since 1969. We receive weekly shipments direct from Florida greenhouses. To assure fresh, healthy plants we usually receive aquatic plant shipments twice a week during May, June, and July.

Water lettuce: A popular floating plant that will reproduce quickly once it establishes itself. Where hyacinths like full sun, lettuces prefer some shade. They do not flower.

Water Hyacinth: A very popular plant that grows rapidly. Likes lots of sun. Purchase a few in May and by late June you will have a dozen or more. With their quick growth, they absorb nutrients from the water and shade the pond. That makes them great for algae control. They will bloom with a pretty purple flower in August. By August you will probably have to thin them out. The only bad news is that they will not survive the winter so you will have to buy a few each spring.

Bunch Plants: Anacharis (Elodea) This is, by far, the best selling pond plant. It is sold in bunches. You can buy 10 or more bunches in early spring and either float them, or put them in some small pots with gravel. Either way they will grow quickly. They help balance the pond by absorbing nutrients. They are also a great supplemental food source for goldfish and koi. Submerged plants will help provide oxygen during the daylight hours.Water Lily

Other bunch Plants: There are many other good bunch plants that can be floated or potted. These include cabomba, creeping charlie, and hornwort.

Marginal Plants: These are plants that normally grow with their roots in water and the rest of the plant out of water. They are used to decorate the shoreline and many get lots of flowers. Marginal plants should be potted, and use a fertilizer tablet for best flower production. We get weekly shipments of many marginal plants. Some popular varieties include parrots feather, arrowhead, and water iris.

Water Lilies: Water lilies are one of the main reasons many people own garden ponds. We sell lilies that have already been potted and are ready to place in your pond. Once established, they will bloom daily during the summer. Lilies require at least 3 hours of sunlight daily, and they need fertilizer tablets for flower production. Hardy lilies are perennials, tropical lilies will last one summer.

Planting Diagram