Pond Algae Control

Algae Control Tips for Garden Ponds

  • Plants are the best way to control algae. Live plants complete with the algae for nutrients and shade the pond from direct sunlight. Begin to plant in early May andGarden Pond algae will be reduced in June when the plants become better established. Add several groups of anachris to the pond in early spring. Floating plants such as Water Lettuce and Water Hyancinth grow quickly and play a big part in algae control. If your pond receives full sunlight as much as 1/2 of the pond can be covered with floating plants. Water lettuce and Hyancinths can be added in May when danger of frost is gone. They will begin to reproduce quickly and by late early summer they will be fully established. Control nutrient levels in the pond through filtration. Also remove excess debris such as leaf litter with a net. Every spring and fall remove debris from the bottom with a siphon. Tadpoles will eat algae from the sides of pond. Items that are also useful in algae control

  • Acruel E: This product precipitates floating algae to the bottom of the pond. It will often clear the pond within hours. This product along with proper stocking of plants will help during spring algae blooms. We have sold this product for over 12 years and it is very safe and effective

  • Tetra UV Clarifier: This products hooks up to a filter and an ultraviolet light kills algae cells as the water flows through it. Our staff can help you get the proper size for your pond.

Spring Algae Blooms: In the winter your pond will gradually accumulate nutrients. When the sun first begins to warm the pond in the spring you will often notice an algae bloom. It may look like soupy green water throughout the pond. Don't be too concerned. In the spring clean debris from the pond, clean the filters and begin to re-stock plants. Within the short time the algae will be gone. To speed the clearing process add some Acruel E.