Saltwater Quick Tips


Thinking of Starting A Saltwater Aquarium?

300 Gallon Reef Tank at Elmer's

We sold our first marine fish at Elmer's Aquarium in 1971.
As a family owned business, we have enjoyed watching the hobby grow and change during that time.
If you have been fascinated by the brilliant colors and diversity of marine life, and want to start a saltwater aquarium we would like to offer a few suggestions.

Six Steps to a Successful Marine Tank:

  1. A marine tank can be more challenging than a freshwater tank.  Learn the basic principles of aquarium keeping by first maintaining a freshwater tank.
  2. Purchase a good book on saltwater tanks.
  3. Proper Equipment: Purchase the correct equipment and set-up the tank properly.  Our Saltwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist can get you started.  We can customize the kits to fit your needs.  A saltwater tank will require a higher investment in equipment and filtration products.  Avoid starting with a small "economy" set-up.  Your money would be better spent on a successful freshwater aquarium than a "budget" saltwater tank.
  4. Initial Stocking: Gradually add fish to the system.  Start with some hardy fish such as damsels, or tank-raised clowns.
  5. Plan Your Livestock: Make an overall plan of the livestock you want to keep.  Our staff can help you.  For the first six months only purchase some of the more hardy fish.  You can make a choice of a "Fish Only with Live Rock Tank," or a "Reef-Tank with Corals and Invertebrates."  Our staff can help guide you.
  6. Observe and Have Fun: Learn the care, feeding, and compatibility requirements of your fish and observe them daily.  Your reference book will be very helpful.  The signs posted about the fish in our store will give you information on feeding.  The more you know about your fish, the more you will enjoy.

We hope your marine tank will bring you many hours of enjoyment!