Red Sea Reefer Series


Red Sea Reefer Aquarium Systems

Features of the Red Sea REEFER™ include:

  • Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium

  • Elegant marine-spec cabinet

  • Professional sump with constant height skimmer chamber and micron filter bags

  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow

  • Integrated automatic top - up system with reservoir

  • Assembly-ready piping - no gluing required

Additional Info from Red Sea Web Site:

Web video (6 min)

Size Options

  • Nano (21 gallon)              18 x 18 x 18"

  • Model #170 (34 gallon)   24.5 x 20 x 20"

  • Model #250 (54 gallon)    35.5 x 21 x 20"

  • Model #350 (73 gallon)    47 x 21 x 20"
  • Model #450 (92 gallon)    59 x 22 x 20"

  • XL 425 (88 gallon)           47 x 22 x 22.6"  

  • XL 525 (108 gallon)         59 x 22.6 x 22.6"

  • XXL 625 (133 gallon)       59 x 25.6 x 23.6"

  • XXL 750 (160 gallon)       71 x 25.6 x 23.6" 

Reefer Peninsula Sets

  • Model #500  (105 gallon)          49.2 x 23.6 x 23.6"  

  • Model #650 (140 gallon)           63 x 25.2 x 23.6"

New REEFER™ Deluxe

The REEFER™ Deluxe incorporates the all-new Hydra 26™ HD LED lighting units with Red Sea’s bespoke mounting system into the Reefer reef ready systems in a convenient single package.

The Hydra 26™ HD unit provides the most up to date LED technology, offering a full spectrum, 7 color LED configuration giving great color rendition and a multitude of lighting effects. The revolutionary control system dynamically adjusts the power available to each color by utilizing power not being used with other colors, effectively enabling selected channels to be ‘boosted’ to above 100% output. The lighting is fully controllable via the built-in WiFi which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and with any wifi-enabled Mac or PC.

The bespoke mounting system bolts firmly onto the rear wall on the tank and can be rotated to the upright position during reefscaping or other tank maintenance.

REEFER™ Deluxe is available in a choice of 6 models with 1, 2 or 3 LED units

Best Price Guarantee:  We are an authorized Gold Dealer for Red Sea. We will match any price you can find on the web. By purchasing from a local dealer with 45 years of service experience you can enjoy this unit without the difficulties of shipping it from an online retailer. Most of all we will stand behind you to make sure you have a successful reef tank.


To complete the set we advise:  Protein Skimmer,  Magnetic Drive Return Pump,  Reef Capable LED Lighting, Submersible heater, Thermometer, aquarium net, Aragonite substrate, Live aragonite substrate, Algae cleaner magnet, Biological starter, Hydrometer, Test kits, Chem-Pure Elite filter media, pH Buffer, Purified RO saltwater, Replacement filter sock 7", Elmer's Professional Installation, Follow up visit.     Stop in and our staff can give you a complete price quote.

Unpacking Service: This set comes boxed. Our professionals can assemble the stand and all components in our store prior to delivery. We can save you time by doing it in our store.

Installation and Maintenance  Our professional team will provide complete installation. After 48 hours we will come back to check everything and add live rock. Live rock is decorative and a key component of a healthy reef tank. We will install about 1 pound per gallon of premium live rock. A day or two after the addition of live rock you can begin to add some fish and invertebrates. Our professional service team can provide ongoing maintenance and consultation services. We advise a visit once every two weeks, or once a week. With each visit we will do a partial water change and bring purified saltwater.

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 342101 RS REEFER SET NANO 21 GAL BLK special order 799.00
pickup-thumb 342102 RS REEFER SET NANO 21G WHITE special order 849.00
pickup-thumb 342111 RS REEFER SET #170 34 GAL BLK special order 949.00
pickup-thumb 342113 RS REEFER SET #170 DLX 34G BLK special order 1,344.99
pickup-thumb 342112 TANK REEFER 170  REDS 34 GAL WHT special order 999.00
pickup-thumb 342114 RS REEFER SET #170 DLX 34G WHT special order 1,396.99
pickup-thumb 342121 TANK REEFER 250  REDS 54 GAL BLK in stock 1,299.00
pickup-thumb 342122 TANK REEFER 250  REDS 54 GAL WHT special order 1,399.00
pickup-thumb 342123 RS REEFER SET #250 DLX 54G BLK special order 2,091.99
pickup-thumb 342124 RS REEFER SET #250 DLX 54G WHT special order 2,191.99
pickup-thumb 342133 RS REEFER SET #350 DLX  73G BLK special order 2,442.99
pickup-thumb 342131 TANK REEFER 350  REDS 73 GAL BLK special order 1,649.00
342134 RS REEFER SET #350 DLX  73G WHT special order 2,541.99
pickup-thumb 342132 TANK REEFER 350  REDS 73 GAL WHT special order 1,749.00
pickup-thumb 7495 TANK REEFER  REDS XL 425 BLK 88g special order 1,949.00
pickup-thumb 7496 TANK REEFER  REDS XL 425 WHT 88g special order 2,049.00
pickup-thumb 342143 RS REEFER SET #425XL DLX 88G BLK special order 2,740.99
pickup-thumb 342144 RS REEFER SET #425XL DLX 88G WHT special order 2,842.99
pickup-thumb 342141 TANK REEFER 450  REDS 92 GAL BLK special order 2,199.00
pickup-thumb 342142 TANK REEFER 450  REDS 92 GAL WHT special order 2,299.00
pickup-thumb 342243 RS REEFER SET #450XL DLX 92G BLK special order 3,388.99
pickup-thumb 342244 RS REEFER SET #450XL DLX 92G WHT special order 3,487.99
pickup-thumb 7497 TANK REEFER  REDS XL525 BLK 108G in stock 2,499.00
pickup-thumb 7498 TANK REEFER  REDS XL525 WHT 108G special order 2,599.00
pickup-thumb 342253 RS REEFER SET#525XL DLX 108G BLK special order 3,688.99
pickup-thumb 342254 RS REEFER SET#525XL DLX 108G WHT special order 3,788.99
pickup-thumb 342261 RED SEA  REEFER SET XXL 625 133 GALLON BLACK special order 2,799.00
342262 RED SEA REEFER SET XXL 625 133 GALLON WHITE special order 2,899.00
pickup-thumb 342263 RED SEA REEFER XXL 625 DELUXE 133 GAL BLACK W/LIGHT special order 3,849.00
pickup-thumb 342264 RED SEA REEFER XXL 625 DELUXE 133 GALLON WHITE W/LIGHT special order 3,949.00
pickup-thumb 342271 RS REEFER SET XXL 750 160 GALLON BLACK special order 3,099.00
pickup-thumb 342272 RED SEA REEFER SET XXL 750 160 GALLON WHITE special order 3,199.00
pickup-thumb 342273 RED SEA REEFER XXL 750 DELUXE 160 GAL BLACK W/LIGHT special order 4,499.00
pickup-thumb 342274 RED SEA REEFER XXL 750 DELUXE 160 GAL WHITE W/LIGHT special order 4,599.00
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