Red Sea Max Marine Sets


Red Sea Max Marine Aquarium Sets

In the ocean, coral reefs flourish only where specific physical conditions prevail, such as sufficient light, adequate current, stable temperature and water clarity. The Red Sea MAX concept provides a system that creates the conditions allowing you to keep a thriving, healthy reef aquarium in your own home.

The Red Sea MAX Concept takes away the worry about retro-fitting equipment, guaranteeing complete compatibility of the coral REEF-SPEC components built in to the aquarium, allowing you to focus on enjoying the fish and corals within your own piece of thriving coral reef

Behind the MAX concept is the reassurance that the entire system has been designed by, and is fully supported by Red Sea, a market-leader in the development of coral reef aquarium systems and accessories

Red Sea Makes Four Series:

  • S- Series
  • E- Series
  • Reefer Series
  • Reefer Peninsula Series

The Elmer's Difference:   We are an authorized dealer for Red Sea.   We offer these units as the same price as Web based retailers.   But we offer a service to unpack and assemble them in our store.  We can them provide complete installation and follow-up service.  We also can provide ongoing maintenance.   All designed so that you can truly enjoy these beautiful units

Red Sea Reefer Series
Red Sea Reefer Peninsula Aquarium Set
Red Sea Max S-Series Sets
Red Sea Max E-Series