R& J Extreme Cabinets


R & J Extreme Series Cabinets and Canopies

These high-end aquarium cabinets are 36" tall. They feature decorative waterline trim, wide double "V" grooved molding, huge reef style doors, 15 inch tall dual front access canopy (front and top open), super high gloss catalyzed finish. Available in black, and cherry colors.


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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 040147 STAND 48x18 EXTREM CHERRY RJ special order 658.99
pickup-thumb 040115 STAND 48x18 EXTREME HONEY  RJ special order 658.99
pickup-thumb 040139 STAND 48x18 EXTRME BLACK  RJ special order 658.99
pickup-thumb 040164 STAND 48x24 EXTREME CHERRY  RJ special order 780.99
pickup-thumb 040162 STAND 48x24 EXTREME EXPRESSO  RJ special order 780.99
pickup-thumb 040600 STAND 48x24 EXTREME HONEY  RJ special order 633.99
pickup-thumb 040141 STAND 72x18 EXTREME BLACK  RJ special order 910.99
pickup-thumb 040149 STAND 72x18 EXTREME CHERRY RJ in stock 935.99
pickup-thumb 040150 STAND 72x24 EXTREME CHERRY RJ in stock 949.99
pickup-thumb 040408 CANOPY 48x18 XTREME BLACK RJ special order 492.99
pickup-thumb 040506 CANOPY 48x18 XTREME CHERRY RJ special order 492.99
pickup-thumb 040508 CANOPY 72x18 CHERRY XTRME RJ in stock 652.99
pickup-thumb 040509 CANOPY 72x24 EXTREME CHERRY RJ special order 661.99
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