Fluval Spec Aquarium Set


Fluval Spec Desktop Aquariums

Fluval has always produced quality aquarium products. Now with their Lifestyle Aquariums, they have combined that quality with the latest trends in aquarium design to create these stunning desktop systems the  Fluval Spec Tank.

This contemporary aquarium includes LED lighting, a circulation pump with adjustable output nozzle and a 3-stage  filtration system. The redesigned Spec now features a 7000K LED which generates 20% brighter lighting performance


  • 2.6 Gallon Spec Tank 11.8 x 10.8 x 8.7" 
  • 5.5 Gallon Spec Tank 12 x 12 x 15"
  • 16 Gallon Spec Tank  21.8 x 11.5 x 17.5"  

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumbsale 110515 AQUARIUM 2.6 GAL FLUVAL SPEC in stock 59.99
pickup-thumbsale 110516 TANK 5 GAL FLUVAL SPEC BLACK in stock 79.99
pickup-thumb 110525 TANK 16  GAL FLUVAL SPEC  KIT in stock 225.99
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