Fluval Aquarium Sets


Fluval Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Sets

Fluval F Series Freshwater Sets: 

Fluval F Series Freshwater Set

This elegantly designed Fluval Fresh Aquarium and Cabinet Set will make an attractive addition to your home or office.

The set features a glass aquarium with frosted rim framing and a high-quality laminated wood cabinet with two-tone doors. The aquarium has sleek and adjustable LED lighting (with day and night settings) mounted above the tank that effectively highlights the aquatic scenery below as well as stimulates the growth of live plants. The top of the tank also has a shield to help reduce the risk of fish leaping out of the water. It also comes with a Fluval Canister Filter that provides outstanding, multi-stage filtration so that your aquarium water stays healthy and clean for your fish and live plants to thrive in.

The aquarium also includes a Fluval M 100-watt heater, a sleek and compactsubmersible heater that provides exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability. All hardware is neatly concealed in the cabinet so that you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing experience. 

Fluval M Series Marine Sets:

Fluval M Series Saltwater Set
Designed with clean lines and a contemporary finish, the Fluval Reef aquarium and stand set comes equipped with everything you'll need to recreate a successful marine reef at home, including Fluval's widely popular Marine & Reef Performance LED. This high-efficiency light features 6 unique LED band widths with essential actinic blue wavelengths for full spectrum coverage that will drive photosynthetic activity and coral growth, while also offering an accurate viewing experience.

The aquarium includes an integrated rear compartment  that discreetly houses a Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer, in addition to an integrated drain valve with drain hose that will permit convenient water changes by connecting to a simple valve system inside the cabinet. This will allow the user to change up-to 20% of aquarium water volume without exposing sensitive corals to air. The glass aquarium features a unique frosted rim frame that keeps unsightly water lines out of view, while the elegant two-tone cabinet is constructed from high-quality laminated wood.

Fluval M Series Saltwater Sets
Fluval F Series Aquarium Sets