Dedication to Healthy Livestock


About Our Dedication to our Animals and Customers

Feeding Fish

Healthy fish start with the source.  We have had relationships with each of our suppliers for many years, and believe in the quality of the fish they raise.  Many of our fish come from reputable Florida fish farms in the Tampa area that are flown to us on a weekly basis.  Once the fish are received, they are acclimated to our system by a dedicated team that follows through on maintenance, changing water and checking chemistry.  Fish that need special treatment are isolated until well.  Our professional staff performs daily checks to our fish room, assessing the animals' overall health and vigor.  We never sell fish that appear to be ill.

Our system uses multiple filtration zones and ultraviolet sterilizers to keep our water at its cleanest.  Our fish receive high quality foods such as TetraPro Crisps and frozen Canadian Mysis Shrimp.

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