Brio Aquaponics Aquarium Set


Brio Aquaponics Aquarium Set

Brio Aquaponics System in white

Revolutionizing Home Aquariums

The Brio Aquaponics system is based on a natural eco system where plants filter water, unlike conventional aquariums where you rely on chemical filtration and frequent water changes. 

Aquarium Filtration

With Brio's unique filtration system, your garden absorbs and feeds on natural waste coming from the fish, creating an environment prone to exceptional vegetation growth.

Eco Friendly

  • Energy saving exclusive LED light spectrum with automatic timer control
  • The specific color spectrum LED lights optimize photosynthetic reactions, perfect for growing plants, herbs, and flowers
  • Unique water recycling system that reduces water consumption
  • Less carbon footprint filter media compared to traditional aquarium filters
  • Safe environment for aquatic species

Brio cabinets in white and black 

  • Brio Cabinets are available in white or black.

(Cabinets sold separately) 

  • Available in 9.5 gallons

Click here for more info from the manufacturer's website

Click here to watch a video from the manufacturer (Time- 5:41)

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pickup-thumb 343368 TANK AQUAPONICS SYSTEM 9.5GL WHT . 549.99
pickup-thumb 343369 TANK AQUAPONICS SYSTEM 9.5GL BLK in stock 549.99
pickup-thumb 343375 CABINET BRIO 21x21 WHITE special order 316.99
pickup-thumb 343376 CABINET BRIO 21x21 BLACK in stock 316.99
pickup-thumb 343370 BRIO REPLACEMENT PARTICLE FILTER in stock 23.99
pickup-thumb 343372 BRIO LED BULB DAYLIGHT 6300K 5WT in stock 41.99
pickup-thumb 343373 BRIO LED BULB FOLIAGE        5WT in stock 41.99
pickup-thumb 343374 BRIO LED BULB FLOWER         5WT in stock 41.99
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