Aquariums for kids


Suggested Aquariums for Kids


So... your child just won a goldfish at the carnival, and you have no idea what to do.

Or maybe you were once that kid, and now you would like to introduce your own children to the joy of aquarium keeping.Keeping an aquarium is a great way to share the beauty of nature with your family, and letting children have their own small tank can be a great learning experience as well as a lot of fun. Children love watching fish and will take great pride in being able to feed and care for their new pet.

Let us help you set up Captain Finn & Goldie's new home!

Minibow Aquarium Sets

These are fun aquariums for kids. The perfect size to fit in their own rooms, these small tanks make a great home for a betta.
In addition to black, they are also available in other fun colors that your kids will love


Contour Desktop Aquariums

These 3 and 5 gallon setups from Marineland have quickly become one of our favorite desktop tanks. Filtration and lighting is included.Just the right size for a betta or a few small, hardy fish


Tetra Glofish Aquariums

These fun new tanks have been some of our best sellers for kids. The aquariums include a clear cover, internal filter, and energy-efficient blue LED lights designed especially for highlighting the brilliant colors of Glofish or any fluorescent aquarium decorations and gravel.

Fluval Vista Aquarium Sets
Available in 3 sizes, the fully-equipped Fluval Vista Aquarium Kit is easy to love, and even simpler to maintain. A seamless and stylish bent-glass design allows for unobstructed panoramic viewing, while an energy-efficient, soft-start LED lamp mimics the sun's gradual light progression for a more natural look.

10 Gallon Aquarium
One of our best sellers and a great beginner's choice. The 10 gallon gives you enough space to have a couple groups of small, peaceful fish. Tetras, rasboras and corydoras catfish are some good choices.

20 gallon aquarium 

Another bestseller, the 20 gallon provides a nice home to several schools of community fish. Your child will enjoy watching the interaction of multiples species of fish. 

This is also a good size tank for keeping goldfish.

Have Fun Decorating!

Let your children's imagination run wild decorating their own underwater world!


Aquariums in the Classroom

Are you a teacher looking for something fun and educational to add to your classroom? The teaching opportunities with an aquarium are almost endless. Biology, chemistry and ecology are just a few of the subjects that tie in easily with a classroom aquarium.

Children will also be more interested in reading and writing about related topics when they have their own fish right in front of them. Helping to care for the fish teaches responsibility, and their peaceful swimming provides a soothing backdrop to your room.

Elmer's offers a 10% discount on all aquariums and equipment for use in a classroom. Not sure what's right for your classroom? We'll be happy to help you find exactly what you need for your situation.