Aquariums at Elmers


Aquariums at Elmer's

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Aquarium!  

Browse Our Extensive Collection of Aquariums:   Welcome to our Aquarium Department! You've discovered one reason why we attract visitors from well beyond the Pittsburgh area. We maintain Western Pennsylvania's largest inventory of tanks, lights and stands.

We hope you enjoy browsing our inventory and then come visit to see our great selection of aquariums in person! Aquariums are available for in-store pickup or delivery in our store van within 2 hours of our shop. Many tanks are in stock, some tanks will need to be ordered in advance.  We do not ship tanks.

Complete Aquarium List by Size
Aquarium Packages
Aquarium Lights at Elmer's
Aquariums for your Desktop 2-15 gallon
Small Saltwater Sets- Up to 35 gallons
Aquariums for beginners
Aquariums for kids
Cube and Column Aquariums
Bow Front Aquariums
Fluval Flex Aquarium Set
Pentagon Aquariums
Rimless Aquariums
Hexagon Aquariums
Marineland Deep Dimensions Tanks
Red Sea Max Marine Sets
Fluval Aquarium Sets
Brio Aquaponics Aquarium Set
Rectangular Tanks
Reef Ready Tanks (with overflows)
Coral Frag Tanks
Half Moon Aquarium Set
Custom Aquariums
NUVO Fusion Lagoon Aquarium Set
Fluval Pure Aquarium Sets
Zoo Med Paludarium Terrarium
Recife ECO Tank Combo