80 Gallon Wide Tank


80 Gallon  Wide Aquarium 

 48 x 24 x 16"

This low wide tank is sometimes called a frag tank  because it is great for growing coral frags.  It is also a good choice for turtles.

  • Aquarium with overflow:   This aquarium can be ordered with an overflow for systems that have a sump filter below the tank such as marine reef sets.

  • Rimless Tank:  This aquarium can be ordered in a rimless model with overflow. 

  • Special Orders:  This tank is available by special order.   Please allow 7-10 days.

The Elmer's Difference

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 611080 TANK 80 FRAG  48X24X16 DB  BLK special order 161.99
pickup-thumb 613680 TANK 80 FRAG 48x24x16 RR NO RIM special order 386.99
pickup-thumb 618080 TANK 80 FRAG 48x24x16 RR DB BLK special order 386.99
pickup-thumb 613080 TANK 80 FRAG 48x24x16 RR EDGE DB special order 488.99
7717 OPTIONS: TANKS with 48"x 24" BASE
7641 OPTIONS: STANDS with 48"x 24" BASE .
7 found, showing page 1 of 1