75 Gallon Aquarium


75 Gallon  Aquarium 

 48 x 18 x 20"

This is our best selling tank in the 50 to 100 gallon range.

Freshwater Set:  We can put together a complete freshwater set for this aquarium.
75 Gallon Master Kit

Saltwater Setup:   We can put together a  saltwater setup   for this aquarium.  Stop into our store for a complete price

Aquarium with overflow:   This aquarium can be ordered with an overflow for systems that have a sump filter below the tank such as marine reef sets.

Special Orders:  We receive weekly shipments of these tanks. The 75 gallon is  a normal stock item.   If we do not have the tank in stock we can often have it in our store within 10 days. 

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumbsale 250027 TANK  75 GAL  48 x 18 x 20 SEAPORA  BLACK . 129.99
pickup-thumbsale 710750 TANK:  75 GAL 48x18x20 MARINELAND BLACK in stock 139.99
pickup-thumb 711751 TANK  75 GAL 48x18x20 MARINELAND OAK special order 198.99
pickup-thumb 512304 TANK  75 GAL W/1 OVERFLOW BLACK AQUEON special order 261.99
pickup-thumb 797003 TANK: 75 GAL W/1 OVERFLOW MARINELAND BLACK special order 296.99
7696 OPTIONS: TANKS with 48" x 18" BASE
7640 OPTIONS: STANDS with 48" x 18" BASE .
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