37 Gallon Column Aquarium


37 Gallon Column Aquarium


20 x 18 x 22"

These stylish tanks have  column design, offering a smaller footprint than many rectangular tanks. They are great for freshwater planted and saltwater tanks.

Freshwater Sets:  Our freshwater Master Kits are a great way to start.  Our Master kits include a complete filter system and equipment to get you started right..

Cabinets: Decorative cabinet stands including, Newport and Modern Series,  are designed for these tanks.

In our Showroom:  Stop in and see our display of  the 37 gallon column tank.  

Other Cube and Column Tanks:  We stock a variety of  Cube and Column Tanks including the 25,27,37,47,56 column and the 60 cube.


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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumbsale 711371 TANK: 37 COLUMN 20x18x24 MARINELAND BLACK in stock 71.99
pickup-thumb 734200 GLASS TOP 20 x18  COLUMN TANK MARINELAND in stock 29.99
pickup-thumb 770821 STAND: 20x18"  SIMPLE MODERN SERIES BLACK in stock 154.99
pickup-thumb 770824 STAND: 20 x 18 NEWPORT CABINET BLACK in stock 180.99
7714 OPTIONS: TANKS with 20"x 18" BASE
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