33 Gallon Long Aquarium


33 Gallon Long Aquarium

  48 x 13 x 12"

This long low tank fits has the same base as the popular 55 gallon aquarium.  It is 10" lower than the 55 gallon.  33 gallon long tanks are sometimes placed on the bottom of a 55 gallon metal stand.

  • Freshwater Setup:  We can put together a complete set for this aquarium.  For information about our freshwater master kits click here.

The Elmer's Difference

Availability:  This tank is normally in stock.  If it is out of stock we can usually have it in with 7-10 days

Options for this tank include:

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 510033 TANK:  33 GAL 48 x 13 x 12 AQUEON BLACK temporarily out of stock 100.99
7695 OPTIONS:  TANKS with 48" x 13" BASE
7639 OPTIONS: STANDS with 48" x 13" BASE
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