150 Gallon Deep Dimensions Aquarium


150 Gallon Deep Dimensions Aquarium

36 x 36 x 27

Marineland's Deep Dimension  line of premium aquariums are 36" from front to back. This allows plenty of space for a marine reef or a freshwater tank of large fish.  They include Starfire glass on the front for optimal clarity.  They are  made with black silicone. .

All Deep Dimensions tanks have built-in overflow  so that a sump filter can be located under the tank.  We can put together a complete freshwater or  Saltwater Set for this tank.

Cabinet:  A beautiful Marineland Monterey Cabinet and optional canopy is available for this tank.

We can provide complete installation  and maintenance of these beautiful aquariums.  We can customize the set to suit your needs.

 Store DisplayStop in and see our operating 150 gallon and 300 gallon. 


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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 797045 TANK: 150 GAL 36x36x27 with 1 corner overflow special order 1,010.99
pickup-thumb 736651 GLASS TOP 36x36  MARINELAND special order 91.99
pickup-thumb 760360 STAND: MONTEREY BLACK 36x36x29 special order 681.99
pickup-thumb 760363 CANOPY 36x36 MONTEREY BLACK special order 451.99
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