150 Gallon Aquarium


150 Gallon   Aquarium  

72 x 18 x 27"

This aquarium is 6" taller than the popular  125 gallon tank.

Freshwater Set:  We can put together a complete  Freshwater Set  for this tank. We will get it all ready for you, just add water and enjoy!

Saltwater Set-up:   We can put together a saltwater setup  for this aquarium.  Stop into our store for a complete price

150 Gallon tank with overflows:  This aquarium is also available with overflows for use in systems with a sump below the tank, such as marine reef sets.

Special Orders:  We receive weekly shipments of these tanks.  If we do not have the tank in stock we can often have it in our store within 10 days.

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 712152 TANK:  150 LONG 72x18x27 MARINELAND BLACK special order 669.99
pickup-thumb 510150 TANK: 150 LONG 72x18x28 AQUEON BLACK special order 689.99
pickup-thumb 512311 TANK: 150 LONG W/2 OVERFLOWS AQUEON BLACK special order 799.99
pickup-thumb 797012 TANK: 150 LONG W/2 OVERFLOWS MARINELAND BLACK special order 844.99
7699 OPTIONS: TANKS with 72"x 18" BASE
7642 OPTIONS: STANDS with 72"x 18" BASE .
7710 OPTIONS: LIGHTS for  72"  TANKS .
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