10 Gallon Hexagon Aquarium


10 Gal. Hexagon Aquarium

14 x 12 x 16"

The small footprint and unique shape of these hexagon aquariums allows them to go places where other aquariums dare not! Liven up dull corners or make a splash in an entrance way. 

The matching stand will help your tank stand out wherever you decide to put it. Great for freshwater community tanks.  We can put it together for you.  Just add water and enjoy!

  • Freshwater Setup:   We can put together a complete freshwater kit set for this tank.  Stop in and we can show you the equipment and give you a complete price quote.

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  Item Description Quantity Price
pickup-thumb 517001 TANK:  10 GAL HEXAGON  14x12x18 BLACK . 50.99
pickup-thumb 521601 HOOD: 10 HEXAGON FLUORESCENT BLACK AQUEON in stock 48.99
pickup-thumb 550005 STAND 10 HEX AG BLACK Out of stock 92.99
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